Azure Integration: ARM visualiser on Azure portal

Azure Resource Manager visualization is part of Azure Portal now. It provides a visual way of visualizing Azure Resource Manager Templates. It helps to understand the components in the ARM template, how they interact and components used in the template. It provides a way to understand the components in a resource group.

Azure Integration: ARM Visualizer

  1. Log in to Release candidate of Azure Portal
  2. Select the correct subscription
  3. Go to one of the resource groups you want to visualize
  4. Click on the Export Template under the setting Tab

5. Then click on the Visualizer Template Tab to visualize the components.

6. It also provides option to filter the components and shows the with or without the Labels.

Published by Poojith Jain

Poojith Jain is an Azure Architect with good experience with software design and development. He has a thorough knowledge of Azure Integration and he is passionate about solving complex and challenging problems in the field of Azure

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