Azure: Enumerating all the Logic App runs history using PowerShell and REST API

What Are Logic Apps? Logic Apps are a piece of integration workflow hosted on Azure which is used to create scale-able integrations between various systems. These are very easy to design and provide connectivity between various disparate systems using many out of the box connectors as well as with the facility to design custom connectorsContinue reading “Azure: Enumerating all the Logic App runs history using PowerShell and REST API”

D365FO: Interacting with Data Management framework using REST API

This blog describes the method to interact with the Data Management framework using REST API to export the delta changes of an entity. The package API lets third party applications to integrate by using data packages. Use case scenario: The vendor changes are tracked using the “Change Tracker” functionality available on D365FO at Entity Level.Continue reading “D365FO: Interacting with Data Management framework using REST API”

Dynamics 365 UO: Data Task automation

Dynamics 365 UO Data task automation is a framework which helps with following features Demo Data Setup Golden Configuration Setup Data Migration Validation Data Entities and Integration Test automation D365 UO: Intrduction to Data Task Automation Data packages from the Shared Asset Library or Project Asset Library can be downloaded and imported automatically into D365FOContinue reading “Dynamics 365 UO: Data Task automation”

Azure Integration: Connecting to an On-Premise web service and file system from a Logic App

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Azure Integration: Installing and configuring On-premises data gateway

The on-premises data gateway provides quick and secure data transfer between on-premises data sources and Azure components. It acts as a bridge between onPremise and Azure Cloud. Currently, the gateway supports connections to the following data sources hosted on-premises: Azure Logic Apps Power BI Power Apps Power Automate Azure Analysis Services  Azure Integration: Install AzureContinue reading “Azure Integration: Installing and configuring On-premises data gateway”