Azure Integration: Dynamics 365 UO DMF Data Export using Logic Apps

This Blog describes the method of implementing Dynamics 365 UO’s Data Management Framework Recurring Integration Module using the Logic App. The blog provides a technical implementation of queuing and dequeuing of the Jobs using REST API of Dynamics 365 UO’s Recurring Integration Module. Dynamics 365 for Operation provides two primary sets of APIs, Recurring IntegrationContinue reading “Azure Integration: Dynamics 365 UO DMF Data Export using Logic Apps”

D365UO https vs finance connectors

HTTPS vs D365UOconnectors for integration with D365UO Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Unified Operation provides project-driven organizations with the tools they need to connect and manage their clients, finances, projects, and people in a unified, integrated environment. D365UO helps services organizations streamline key finance and project-related business processes, simplify the management of their human capital, andContinue reading “D365UO https vs finance connectors”

Dynamics 365 UO Integration Design Patterns

Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations has evolved into purpose-built applications to help you manage business functions. This would mean that there would be integration with diverse systems. The blog describes integration patterns, integration scenarios, and best practices. There is a number of ways users can interact with the D365 UO. There are different ways toContinue reading “Dynamics 365 UO Integration Design Patterns”